Our corporate social responsibility

We sincerely believe that we can all take small but achievable steps to protect our environment, promote sustainable developments and protect the world around us. That’s why, not only through the tax IT solutions we develop, but also through our processes, we strive to be a responsible company in our day-to-day work.

Paperless office

We have made the conscious decision to go completely paperless in our office operations, so as not to harm the environment. Just as our solutions are designed to organize the data – generated in the digital space – in the place of their formation, we ourselves want to lead by example, as well.

We also take advantage of technological opportunities to manage our orders, contracts and all our business documents digitally.

Carbon-neutral classification

Our goal is to make as big a step as possible towards becoming fully carbon neutral in 2022. To this end, we do not shy away from a commitment to undertake an in-depth analysis of our operations, corporate governance and activities in the spirit of sustainability, with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Tree planting

Thanks to our services, we provide automated, paperless processes for our clients. We also have a visible impact that promotes this. For every contract we sign, we plant a tree on behalf of our partner, continuously enriching and growing Dataxo Group’s forest.