Manage the NAV 3.0 mandatory data reporting easily and securely! The NAVCOM Kit specifically enables your company to upload invoices and receive messages from the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) without a single keystroke.

Since 2018, our system provides the possibility of real-time data reporting in compliance with the current Hungarian legislation for several Hungarian and foreign invoicing, ERP, and accounting applications. You can even upload your company’s export invoice data directly into the NAV’s system with 100% accuracy.

NAVCOM Kit offers an error-free and simple solution for instant and accurate invoice submission, query, and retrieval for all users.

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Fast, efficient, and automated: upload the invoices of your company to the system of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) without a single keystroke.

How does the NAVCOM kit make your company’s work easier?

  • Invoice data are transferred from your own invoicing, ERP, and accounting systems to the system of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) via a secure, authenticated channel with 100% accuracy
  • After the invoice is issued, the NAVCOM Kit automatically sends the invoice from your own or purchased ERP system to the system of NAV
  • The software receives and reports electronic error messages sent by the NAV via several channels (e-mail, pop-up, etc.)
  • Can be easily integrated into any Hungarian and international invoicing, ERP, and accounting systems
  • Performs customizable, convenient operations with your invoices

Do you want your mandatory invoice data reporting solution to be accurate and easy to implement?

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Frequently asked questions

How accurate is the system?

By using the NAVCOM kit, invoice image and data information are available almost instantly, with 100% accuracy.

How easy is it to install?

The entire development can be completed in just a few days with NAVCOM Kit integration, requiring no additional internal resources.

How secure is the system?

The system is completely secure, as it uses its own established channel and is ISO 27001 certified.

What are the implementation steps?

  1. An audit is performed to understand the existing data structure.
  2. Development of solution proposals, exploration of options (data format: XML; CSV and data communication reconciliation)
  3. Quotation / order placement
  4. NAVCOM Kit client installation (a WIN-based server is required, but a browser-based solution is also possible)
  5. Custom development if required
  6. Settings, parameterization, testing
  7. Demonstration and training for efficient work
  8. Support (if required)

How long is the implementation process?

In our experience, the implementation of the NAVCOM kit takes 1-4 weeks, depending on the organizational structure, the complexity of the workflow, and any specific needs. For certain software, there is no implementation required, only the ordering of the service, after which the system is immediately ready for use.

Downloads (soon)

Ervin Fekete MMAB Group Kft.

The NAVCOM Kit facilitates our work by uploading account data exported from our ERP system on our Swedish server to a dedicated folder on the NAV server. In compliance with legal requirements, the NAVCOM Kit will make a program suitable for this task that is not originally suitable for this function. ”

Gergely Rusz Delaware

With the NAVCOM Kit solution, the provision of invoice data can be implemented more easily and securely from the customer’s SAP system to the NAV Online invoice system. The necessary development was complete in a short time.

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