With Matching, you can eliminate the need to record large amounts of manual invoice data from any invoice type. All you have to do is show Matching the source of the invoices (e.g. an email, a folder, etc.) and then the program will automatically do the work for you.

Once the invoice images have been sent to the Matching engine, the program scans data from the domestic invoice images that are relevant for NAV and pairs them with the corresponding NAV XML. Finally, once the evaluation is done, it returns the data as Matching XML (NAV XML + invoice image) and associates it with your existing ERP or DMS system, as it suits you.

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Sit back and let every invoice be processed quickly and automatically.

How does Matching make your job easier?

  • Automated domestic invoice processing with 100% accuracy
  • Flexible system integration – can be integrated with existing ERP and DMS systems
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation with maximum IT security
  • Valuable time and labour force can be freed up and redeployed
  • A long-lasting, durable solution

Do you want your invoices to be processed quickly and efficiently?

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Matching more accurate than traditional manual recording?

The data recorded through the Matching system are 100% identical to the data uploaded to the data reporting service of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV). Therefore, with Matching, you will see the data entered by the supplier without having to record it yourself. This way, in case of an error, you can be certain that it was made by the issuer of the invoice, and not within your organization.

What type of invoices can Matching handle?

Matching is the perfect solution for managing almost any type of invoice. It can handle both machine (PDF), paper-scanned machine and manual invoice data, as well as any electronic invoice where the PDF document contains no data other than the invoice. With Matching, all this solution is available for all domestic invoices.

Why is it more affordable than other solutions?

Matching does not require any training, and there is no need for the use of template invoices from suppliers. Thanks to its quick installation, it can already be used in as little as one week. It is not resource-intensive, and its accuracy means that data needs to be checked less frequently than in case of any other solution.

What systems is it compatible with?

The list of compatible systems is constantly expanding. Currently available: in DOXIS4, ANDOC, Microsoft AX/Navision, SAP, Cashbook, Számadó, Qualitysoft and Cadren systems.

How long is the implementation process?

If your company has one of the above systems, the implementation can range from 3 to 30 days. The actual duration depends on the organizational structure, the complexity of the processes, and any specific needs you might have. For certain softwares, there is no implementation required, only the ordering of the service, after which the system is immediately ready for use.

Is there any need to learn a new program?

No, because there is no new interface, you can manage everything in your existing systems.

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Ádám Menich Finacont

At the end of 2019, a company that dealt with e-invoicing and processing supplier invoices approached us. The topic was just in line with our company development ideas, so I started the negotiations with high expectations, especially the processing of supplier invoices seemed to be an exciting area.

The importance of the topic indicated that another company was coming up soon, offering similar solutions. At this time, I referred to the two companies as Company A and Company B.

Company B was able to move forward faster, and after a while, we were only working with them on developments. They were able to solve the technical problems faster, reacted to our suggestions sooner, and brought the solutions.

We have not regretted our choice since then. We understand each other very well with company B. They are open to our suggestions and can move forward quickly in our company- and process development project.

Of course, Company B is Dataxo Group.

Szilveszter Urbán Managing Director, Salesianer-Miettex Magyarország Kft.

We have entered into a partnership with the Dataxo Group team to ensure full compliance with applicable financial and accounting laws. In addition to the smooth communication, the project was completed before the set deadline. Besides that, with the development, the data transfer problems were eliminated. On behalf of our company, thank you for your effective contribution. “

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