Get one step closer to a fully automated accounting process with the Matching360 solution, which supports complete data processing, validation, and invoice approval regardless of the language of the given invoice.

Realize a completely touch-free bookkeeping process with Matching360! After checking the form and content requirements, the customized program automatically scans the invoice images, whether they come from domestic or foreign invoices. Then, in addition to the evaluation, the PO, order number, and all other necessary data are transferred to other existing company systems. This eliminates the need to process invoices manually, which not only makes the process faster and simpler but also minimizes the potential for errors.

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Smooth, automated accounting processes: tailor the complete processing of invoice data to your company’s needs.

How does Matching360 make your job easier?

  • It works on invoices issued in most European languages
  • It processes invoices in any format (paper, PDF, XML, txt, EDI, JSON)
  • Invoices sent by post, e-mail, or direct machine-to-machine contact are not an issue for it
  • It can work with all existing ERP and DMS systems, integrating seamlessly into existing processes
  • Its use can free up significant human and financial resources, which could then be redeployed

Do you want your domestic and foreign invoice data to be processed automatically?

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Matching360?

It makes invoice processing more accurate and cost effective than traditional solutions. By combining NAV XML data with an OCR solution, using Matching360 a new workflow can be created that makes invoice processing simpler and minimizes the need for manual labour.

How does it differ from Matching?

Matching focuses only on domestic accounts, while Matching360 opens up the world and allows you to process foreign invoices as well. And thanks to our performance enhancements, Matching360 is nearly 100% accurate.

What systems is it compatible with?

The list of compatible systems is constantly expanding. Currently available: in DOXIS4, ANDOC, Microsoft AX/Navision, SAP, Cashbook, Számadó, Qualitysoft and Cadren systems.

How long is the implementation process?

If your company has one of the above systems, the implementation period ranges from 3 to 30 days, depending on the organizational structure, the complexity of the processes, and any specific needs you may have. For certain software, there is no implementation required, only the ordering of the service, after which the system is immediately ready for use.

What is the experience so far with Matching360?

Domestic invoice processing has already gone through hundreds of thousands of successful matches. The inclusion of foreign invoices, the complete scanning of invoice data and the transfer to other systems is a process that has already been successfully launched for several of our clients.

Why is it good for clients?

Matching360 can be perfectly integrated into existing processes to achieve automated accounting. There is no need to implement a separate system in order to use it. It helps to eliminate manual invoice data recording entirely. In addition to freeing up human resources, it contributes to more economical and sustainable operations, guaranteeing a secure return on investment within 2-5 years.

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Marianna Sonkoly Head of Department - HUNLAND

“We are very satisfied with the Matching solution provided by Dataxo Group, which has reduced our colleagues’ daily filing tasks, which used to take nearly 6 hours, by 70%. That is why we are open to further automation solutions together!”

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