Dataxo Group: Sustainable automation, future-proof solutions

We have been working on tax-related IT solutions since 2014. We do all this to make our clients’ everyday workflows faster and simpler, yet more efficient and productive. Our main goal is that the systems we create offer the perfect solution for the automatic, paperless processing of accounting and logistics documents. This will reduce the workload of processing departments and minimize environmental impacts.

Our dynamically expanding team is backed by more than two decades of experience, ERP and accounting expertise, and knowledge gained from serving hundreds of clients.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that invoice data, once created in the digital space, stay in the digital space and are automated to where they are needed with as little manual intervention as possible.

This is how we came up with the name Dataxo, a fusion of the words Data, Tax and Solution.

Our values

Environmental awareness

We strive to be environmentally responsible in all areas, including our work and products.

Solutions for the future

We work specifically on solutions that are sustainable in the long run, future-proof for our clients, and where the added value is not just technological.


We always deliver on our promises; we do not promise unrealistic results.


We are committed to finding the best solutions for our clients and will go as far as we can to achieve them.

Our story


R&D phase, product development


Hiventures selection – Taxtech, Tax Informatics start-up support


NAVCOM Kit product launch


AI development and market validation for account processing, additional equity investor besides Hiventures


New product line – Matching
New market opportunities arise, organizational expansion (sales and marketing functions)


Shifting focus to larger business clients, further organizational development


New equity investor – GB & Partners Zrt.
Rebranding – Hello Dataxo Group

Management Team

Károly Poór


+36 30 374 0319

Kincső Kovács


+36 30 790 1865

Gábor Nemes


+36 20 272 2581

Csímár Kinga

Head of Sales Operations

+36 70 392 2046

Our team in numbers

back office


sales / marketing